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I maintain a private practice and teach nutrition and detoxification in our Florida and European locations. I am known as an international holistic educator who has taught in Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and Holland. I have been married to Michael J. Shea, Ph.D. since 1990. I love to swim in the ocean like a mermaid.

I have studied natural healing all of my life. When I met my husband, Michael J. Shea, Ph.D., I had just finished my first series of colon hydrotherapy treatments (colonics). As we sat at dinner on our first date, I was amazed to find out that he was both a massage and colon hydrotherapist. I began to travel and study with him in 1990 after we were married. It became clear to me that my career in real estate was coming to an end as I was entering into my practice of helping people heal themselves. I then became licensed in Florida in 1992 and began a full-time practice of colon hydrotherapy. Michael encouraged me to begin teaching and after assisting him at numerous courses around the world, I felt ready.

In 1994 I invited 6 of my best friends to take my first colon hydrotherapy course and it was such fun! We laughed and learned together. I was delighted at this new direction in my life. It felt like I had answered a deep calling and now my work became my spiritual practice. I was one of the first instructors recognized by the International Association for Colon Therapy (I-ACT). I have personally taught people from 23 different countries. What an honor to be a part of such a global family of dedicated healers!

Michael J. Shea, Ph.D. is the curriculum developer and provides our students with current scientific research findings.



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